Can You Take Too Much CBD?

According to a 2011 study that was published in the journal of current Drug Safety, you would need to take 20,000 mg of CBD Oil in a very short time. To put this in perspective, if you took four drops of a 20% CBD Oil, which is considered strong oil, you would be ingesting 40mgs of CBD, meaning you would need to take five hundred times that amount before you noticed any adverse side effects.
Can You overdose on CBD?

What Happens If You Take More Than The Recommended Dose?

This doesn't mean you should be taking 50 drops of your 2000mg (20%) CBD Oil though, that would be a waste. Furthermore just because you may not take too much to endanger you, choosing an excessive dose may make you feel a little fidgety, and those of you who may be taking other medications should speak to your doctors before using CBD Oil as some studies have shown that CBD can interact with specific types of medication.

Can I Get High If I Take Too Much CBD?

Certain CBD Products will contain trace amounts of THC, the cannabinoid we associate with getting ''high''. For a CBD product containing THC to be sold legally, it must contain less than 0.3% THC. This is such a small amount of CBD. It's doubtful that you would notice any psychoactive effects with a high dose.

The CBD cannabinoid is associated with having anti-psychoactive effects, with reports that CBD reduces the affinity of the CB1 receptors to THC, which reduces the activation of that receptor. This being said, some studies suggest CBD may increase the activation of the THC receptors.

What Is The Right Dosage of CBD?

When it comes to CBD, everyone is different. Many factors affect your interaction with CBD, such as body weight, individual brain chemistry, and metabolism. The key is to start small and work your way up until you notice the desired effects. Typically its best to start with a 500mg (5% Oil) or 1000mg (10% Oil). It's best to try and notice what you don't feel as opposed to what you do feel. I.e., if you're taking CBD for anxiety, then see if you feel less anxious, or see if you're not waking up as frequently in the night.

Which CBD products are the Best?

When working out which CBD products are better than others, it comes down to one thing…bioavailability. Bioavailability means how much of something is absorbed into your system. This is important when using CBD as CBD edibles, for example, have a low bioavailability in comparison with CBD oils and vapes. CBD Oils are most effective when dropped under the tongue and left for some time, usually 30 seconds to 1 minute, but some believe that if you leave the oil for roughly 4 minutes, it can make a big difference to how much benefit you notice.

This is because the area under the tongue contains a high volume of blood capillaries that can absorb the beneficial components of the oil straight into your bloodstream. SO be aware that how you take your CBD Oil makes a big difference to how effective it will be.

Best CBD Oils UK

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in the UK?

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