How does CBD oil taste and alternative ways to try it

CBD is rapidly growing in popularity all over the world and in the UK,  the number of people using CBD is doubling year on year.

The stigma around CBD caused by its close ties with marijuana is slowly dissipating leaving a much better taste in people’s mouths.

CBD Taste and alternatives

CBD's benefits have been triumphed around the world over the last few years with more and more products coming to market. Large companies such as Ben and Jerrys are starting to invest in this versatile young supplement with B&J bringing out their own selection of CBD infused flavours within the next few years.

CBD certainly has a unique taste when taken within its natural form. This taste has got a lot of people talking with it being compared with marmites love it or hate it. Some people love its rich natural taste comparing whereas others think it’s too boggy or oaky.

Many people get used to the distinct taste very quickly while others struggle.  The great news is that people who love CBD but are put off the taste now have a selection of alternatives to choose from. After all, CBD and versatility are synonymous with one another.

Let’s dive in and have a look at a selection of alternative methods to beat the taste…

Flavoured Drops

Flavoured drops allow CBD to be combined with your favourite flavours. CBD developers have started to listen to customer feedback and have started to develop a whole host of flavoured alternatives. The great thing with flavoured drops is that you can combine them with many drinks and foods to enhance the flavour or to meld it in. Flavours such as our chocolate and hazelnut and raspberry make an excellent addition to anyone’s morning coffee or smoothies.


New CBD edibles are starting to become mainstream particularly in the USA. for example, Ben and Jerry’s have developed the first mainstream CBD infused ice cream. The great thing about edibles is You can make CBD edibles at home, and really you can cook CBD into anything you like. Infusing drinks with CBD oil is easy, and once you know how to make CBD butter, you can bake cakes or even cook with it!


In addition to ingesting CBD, creams and salves are a popular choice. CBD oils, lotions, salves, and creams made for topical application are designed to be directly applied and absorbed through the skin. Muscle balm, moisturisers and lip balms all have their uses. Subscribe to our newsletter here: to be let known when our CBD cosmetic range is released.


CBD capsules or gels are another format of taking CBD. Easy to take with no taste. Due to the amount of CBD per capsule most people add CBD capsules into their daily vitamin routine. 


CBD vapes have long been regarded as one of the best ways of taking CBD. CBD vapes are usually combined with a wide range of fantastic flavours leaving for a fantastic experience with the added benefits of CBD. CBD vape additives allow for CBD to be added to your favourite flavours.

Where Can You Buy Great Tasting CBD Oil In The UK?

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