How to Take your CBD Oil: The Optimal Doses

Have you heard about all the wonderful benefits of CBD but are still confused by how much and how best to take it?

I'm not surprised, the choices can be a bit overwhelming if you're a first time CBD user. There are drops and pills and capsules and balms and vapes and all kinds of ways you could take it.

Our goal with this guide is to help you identify the best method of taking CBD oil for you and help you reap the benefits of this magical little wonder herb.

Right, let's start at the top.


Yes? Great! You can skip this section and jump straight into the bit about how best to take CBD for your circumstances below. If you're fairly new to the world of CBD, you might want to level-up your background info here before you venture onward to buy your CBD oil.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical which is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is the same plant species from which we get marijuana. The big difference between the two is that despite coming from the same plant, CBD is a completely different chemical compound to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana cannabis which causes you to get “high” when you consume it.

CBD is not psychoactive meaning they contain only trace amount of THC. 

Because they do not contain THC, products containing pure CBD are not illegal (as long as they don't contain any other substance that IS illegal), and therefore not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.


CBD oil is an infusion of extracted Cannabidiol with a carrier oil (such as hemp seed oil). It has a wide range of uses.

CBD is available in many forms for consumption.


How may ways to take cbd

Before CBD oil can help you with your symptoms, your body must first absorb it. After absorption, the CBD finds its way into your bloodstream, "where it can travel around the body to interact with cannabinoid receptors, such as CB2, as well as non-cannabinoid receptors, such as the vanilloid receptor TRPV-1 and the serotonin receptor 5-HT1A."

There are many ways you can get the benefits of CBD into your system. The one you use should be the one that gives you the desired effects at the most appropriate rate. We'll discuss absorption rates of different methos below.

For now, here are the top 5 most common and popular CBD delivery methods.

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Vapes
  • CBD Sublingual Sprays


We've already discussed what CBD oil is. The quality and potency of the CBD oil depend on the extraction method used and of course, the quality of the plant it was extracted from.

CBD oil can be taken directly under the tongue (sublingually), swallowed or put into capsules and taken like regular pills.


Tinctures are typically an extract of a plant dissolved in ethanol. CBD tinctures are made by soaking ground-up Hemp flowers containing high concentrations of CBD in ethanol or glycerin.

They are generally less potent than CO2 extracted CBD Oils.

CBD tinctures can be taken much like CBD oil, directly in the mouth and swallowed, sublingually or in foods.


Topicals are CBD-based products that you apply directly to the skin. Our CBD Balm with 1% CBD extract is a topical.

They are made by infusing an aqueous cream or oil with CBD.

Topical applications never reach your bloodstream. Their effects are only felt locally in the region they are applied.

To be effective, you need to use a very liberal amount of the balm or lotion, because your skin is quite good at acting as a barrier. 


CBD 'Vapes' are concentrated extractions of Cannabidiol in a liquid form. When vaped with a vape pen, e-cigarette or vapouriser, they are heated and inhaled.

'Vaping' allows for the effects to be felt quickly, without the adverse throat and lung effects that can come with smoking.



Sublingual sprays are concentrated CBD tinctures that come in little spray bottles and are sprayed under the tongue. They are a potent delivery method that acts quickly to get CBD into your bloodstream.

To make more sense out of those options and which is best for you, we'll talk a little bit more about the absorption rates of each method below.


How To Take CBD Oil: The Optimal Dosage

CBD is most effective when it enters the bloodstream and is carried around the body to interact with your endocannabinoid system and your cannabinoid receptors.

CBD can enter the bloodstream in a number of different ways, some faster acting than others.

Absorption of CBD When Inhaled

Inhalation is an effective method of delivery and one of the most popular methods because the body absorbs CBD quickly when inhaled. Whilst not immediate, the effects are extremely rapid, taking place within minutes of consumption.

This makes it a good option if you need pain relief now instead of hours later.

Absorption of CBD When Ingested or Taken Sublingually

The most common method of delivery is orally, via the mouth. Oral dosing is a simple, measurable delivery method that anyone can do. You can take an oral dose by swallowing, or sublingually, by holding the CBD oil or tincture under the tongue for a minute.

There is a huge difference between the two methods in terms of speed of action. When ingested (swallowed), the CBD must first pass through the digestive system. This is a lengthy process taking up to two hours to feel the effects. 

In contrast, sublingual consumption acts much more rapidly because when you hold the oil under your tongue, you are allowing the mucous membrane of the mouth to absorb the CBD directly. This bypasses the entire digestive system and is able to reach the bloodstream much faster.


Absorption of CBD When Applied Topically

Applying CBD oils or creams onto your skin means that the CBD will never reach the bloodstream. It does, however, allow the CBD to be absorbed by the cannabinoid receptors in close proximity to the point of application.

If you are liberal enough in your application, your skin pores will absorb CBD to affect localised healing. 

Topical applications are also far more effective with higher potency CBD content.



After reading this guide, you should have a better idea of what method will be most suitable for you and why that method is best.


    This depends on your symptoms and your body composition. Have a read of our  CBD dosage guide here to help you figure out what will be best for you.

    By combining this guide with the dosage guide, you will be well on your way to figuring out your correct dosage and method of delivery.

    If you have read both guides and are still confused, feel free to drop us an email or message on our facebook page and we'll be happy to help.

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