Reishi for Immunity

With covid-19 almost out the way many of us may have been forced to take a look at how healthy our immune systems really are. The newsreaders are recommending anything from vitamin D supplements to cutting out Alcohol but are there any supplements we can take that will actually boost our immunity and turn it into a prize fighting champ?

Reishi or Not, here comes the Shroom!

Reishi mushrooms are revered in china and the eastern world and have been for many centuries. Know as 'Ling Zhi' - the mushroom of immortality. There are actually six different colours of Reishi mushroom but the most well known is the red reishi as its acknowledged as being the most potent.

Lab studies found that red reishi contains substances that are antibacterial,  anti-viral, anti-histamine, anti allergy and anti inflammatory meaning it makes a great addition to the daily regimen of those seeking to boost your immune system.

Reishi for Immunity

Studies found that reishi extracts increase secretion of antibodies (IgA) and immune substances known as alpha-defensins in the gut, helping reduce the risk of gastrointestinal infections.

When tested in 40 male footballers who were physically stressed due to high altitude and low oxygen levels, reishi extracts helped to boost their relative level of circulating immune cells (T-lymphocytes).

Another study showed that Reishi can increase the number of white blood cells in those with colorectal cancer, while another study showed that some of the molecules in Reishi increased the activity of a type of white blood cell known as T killer cells.

White blood cell function is key component to having an effective immune system, making Reishi a great supplement to help you boost your immunity.

Reishi for Sleep

No Immunity Without Sleep...

Reishi for sleep

Sleep can play a large role in helping our immune system function properly. 

Reishi mushroom has also been shown to improve sleep quality. Reishi can help to induce a state of relaxation so powerful that it is often used by meditators to help them prepare for meditation. 

Reishi helps to balance your body by promoting homeostasis of both body and mind (specifically, the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal-axis). They also work to relieve stress and support cortisol production. For this reason, studies have found adaptogens act as sleep aid.

As well as helping sleep quality, it can also help to fight fatigue.

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