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The reason you didn’t notice anything after eating your CBD edible…

You may have wanted to try CBD after hearing about the vast number of potential benefits from a friend or online, so you’ve gone and bought a CBD brownie or some other form of CBD edible in the hope that it would help you to relax a little bit or maybe ease some of that joint pain you’ve been dealing with.

After eating the edible you waited to notice the effects but sadly none came or if they did it was a lot later and barely noticeable. Sadly this has happened to few people and it leads to many writing off CBD as just another ‘Snake Oil’ that’s been completely overhyped or miss sold to the public.

What you need to understand is that how you take CBD makes all the difference…

When it comes to CBD the term ‘Bioavailability’ is key. This refers to how much of a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream and can vary from product to product. When it comes to CBD products, Bioavailability varies massively between the types available in today’s market.

Obviously there are edibles available but there are also the Oils, vapes, teas, patches, capsules, CBD gummies etc. available to. In terms of bioavalability, vapes are the most efficient at entering the blood stream at roughly 40% next up is Oils which when taken sublingually i.e. dropped under the tongue (where there is a large concentration of capillaries) and left for 30 seconds can reach up to 35%.

When you look at what studies have shown about the Bioavailability of CBD edibles it’s a completely different story. One study measured it at 4% while another showed it to be between 4-20%, which is a big drop off and almost less than half of the other two methods.

CBD needs to be taken consistently to be effective…

anecdotal evidence has shown that for CBD to be most effective its best to take it regularly. Making CBD part of a routine seems to generate the best results for a lot of people that take CBD.

Having a one off CBD brownie probably wont deliver the results your looking for because when the edible is digested the CBD is stored in our fat cells. This means its released very slowly into the blood stream as the fat cells are broken down.

There are other factors that effect how well we interact with CBD, but one thing to keep in mind is that the quality of the CBD product makes a huge difference, especially when it comes to CBD Oil. Buying a high quality CBD Oil in the UK can be a challenge as there are so many different places to buy from. Read our 5 top tips to choosing the right CBD Oil for you.

Where Can I Buy A High-Quality CBD Oil In The UK?

Make sure you are getting the best quality full-spectrum CBD Oils to ensure you are getting the maximum effects possible from your Oil. Buy an Enhance CBD oil as our oils have been carefully sourced and are extracted in the UK to give you the freshest Oils. Using supercritical CO2 extraction meaning, you receive all the natural and beneficial parts of the hemp plant without any nasty chemicals.

Want to get even more out of your CBD experience? buy our flavored CBD OIls today and enjoy the delicious natural flavours on top of the wonderful benefits CBD oil can bring to your wellbeing. Experience CBD the way nature intended with Enhance CBD.

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