The Benefits of Terpenes and Flavonoids.

When it comes to CBD Oil, professionals recommend using Full spectrum CBD Oils over CBD Isolate, and part of the reason is that they contain what are known as flavonoids and terpenes. In addition to the CBD cannabinoid, the flavonoids and terpenes have their health benefits. 

What are flavonoids and Terpenes?

Flavonoids are various compounds found naturally in many fruits, vegetables, and plants. There are six different kinds, and each is full of antioxidants that help your body eliminate everyday toxins. When you include more flavonoids in your diet, you help your body remain healthy and can decrease your risk of chronic health conditions.

Terpenes are aromatic oils secreted by the glands that produce the cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Terpenes may play a role in differentiating the effects of different cannabis strains, with some terpenes even promoting relaxation and stress relief. In contrast, other terpenes could also improve focus and acuity. 

What are the Benefits of Flavonoids?

Flavonoids help normalise cellular activity and fight off free radicals that trigger oxidative stress on your body. They help your body function more efficiently while protecting it against everyday toxins and stressors.

Flavonoids are also powerful antioxidant agents. Antioxidants help your body fight off, possibly damaging molecules that can be introduced to the body. Your body produces antioxidants naturally, but they’re also found in dark chocolate, legumes, and many fruits and vegetables.

Inflammation is one of your body’s immune responses. Allergens, germs, toxins, and other irritants can trigger inflammation that results in uncomfortable symptoms. Flavonoids may help your body dismiss that inflammatory reaction so that those symptoms are reduced.

What are the Benefits of Terpenes?

Terpenes are bioactive and can elicit multiple different effects on your body. The different Terpenes provide an array of different uses such as anti-inflammatory properties as well as stress relief. When you smell Terpenes, it stimulates receptors in the brain that would otherwise have been dormant and influences regions of the brain that control emotions, reactions. One cannabis Terpene known as Myrcene enhances the feeling of relaxation and can offer stress relief.

Terpenes in CBD Oil also work synergistically with the CBD and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This leads to what we call the Entourage effect, where the results are more enhanced, helping to maintain a healthier balance in the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The special powers of Terpenes are vast. Some terpenes can inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, the wellbeing hormone, meaning you have more of it available in your system. They can also increase dopamine, increasing pleasure. One other effect is that Terpenes augment the production of GABA, which is the anti-anxiety hormone. 

How Can I Get More In my Diet?

Flavonoids can be found in fruits, vegetables, and teas, so they are relatively easy to get into your diet, and as mentioned earlier, are contained in full-spectrum CBD Oils. Terpenes can also be found in fruits like mangoes but also thyme, lemongrass, basil, lavender, and coriander, and you’ll find lots of different sources of terpenes found in essential oils. Again though, when it comes to CBD Oils, use a full spectrum CBD Oil if you want to get the additional benefits of terpenes and flavonoids as well.

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