What does CBD Oil Taste Like?

When it comes to CBD oil, the taste can be a big issue for many. The natural flavor of CBD oil has been described by some users as boggy or bitter and can make taking it a bit of an unpleasant experience.
Some people look online for ways to mask the taste of CBD oil to make the experience more enjoyable. Others simply buy CBD capsules as an alternative. However, oils are one of the most effective ways to take CBD, so it will be a comfort for many to know that there are ways of finding pleasant-tasting CBD oil. 

So What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

The flavor of the CBD oil will depend on what kind of extract you buy and how it has been processed. One oil can taste very different from another, with some being smoother and more palatable than others. It depends on the process. 

There are a few things that affect the taste of CBD oil. For example, the concentration of CBD; the more potent the CBD concentration, the stronger the flavor. More people tend to dislike the taste when they take more potent oil. 

Another factor in taste is the carrier oil, i.e., the oil that the CBD is mixed with. The most natural carrier oils are Olive oil, Hemp oil, and MCT oil (an extract of coconut oil).  In terms of taste, it's up to the consumers as to which is preferable, and there may be a need for some trial and error.

If the CBD oil is Full Spectrum or an Isolate, this can also affect the taste too. If you are buying Full Spectrum Oil, which is believed to be the best CBD oil for delivering the benefits of CBD, it is essential to make sure you buy a high-quality oil. Quality is vital because these oils don't contain significant plant matter, such as waxes or chlorophyll, which lower quality oils will - it makes for a much worse tasting oil.

Which CBD Oil is Best for Me?

CBD can be a bit like Marmite; you either love it or hate it. If you're not a fan of the natural taste of CBD, there are some things that you can do. Some people choose to put strong mints on their tongues to mask the taste of the CBD or even add lemon, however a better option is to buy a flavoured CBD oil.

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Flavoured CBD OIls

A more straightforward option would be to find excellent tasting CBD oil or flavored CBD oil, which are available and allow you to get all the benefits of CBD with a more enjoyable taste. Enhance CBD Oils come in a raspberry 1000mg (10%) CBD Oil or the Orange and Lemon 1000mg CBD Oil.

Flavoured CBD Oils

Even the natural flavored oil can be made to taste nicer by using a better carrier oil; for example, choosing an oil that's mixed with MCT oil rather than hemp oil is, on average, perceived as better tasting.

It's down to personal preference in terms of which oils everyone prefers, some like the taste of oils that use MCT oil as a carrier oil, while others prefer the very natural feeling of Hemp oil. One affordable way you can try different options easily is by ordering a CBD starter pack from us, which allows you to try three different oils in sample sizes. 

CBD for BeginnersEnhance CBD OIl

Buy a flavoured CBD Oil from Enhance Today so that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD Oil with the added great taste! Choose a raspberry or orange and lemon flavour and take control of your wellbeing, naturally.

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