Which type of CBD is best?

What type of CBD supplement should I buy?

New to CBD

How should you work out which form of CBD supplement you should be taking and which strength is right for you is a sensible question to be asking and there are a few different ways to work out which supplement may be best for you, however everyone’s brain chemistry is different and every individual will experience different results. Still, we can provide some criteria that will help you work out which product is right for you.

Personal preference

Personal preference will play a role in which supplement you want to take. For anyone who wants to avoid any product with a distinct taste then CBD capsules are a suitable option. The capsules are 300 mg strength, which equates to 3% strength if it were oil. This is a low dosage making the capsules a great introductory supplement for anyone wanting to try this versatile new supplement.

 Looking to start slow

For anyone who feels that CBD may be beneficial to them but want to start with a lower dosage as it makes them feel more comfortable, then there are a few options.

You can either start with the 300 mg capsules or with the 5% oils. These are low strength options but it can be a good idea to start low and then slowly increase the amount you take. If you are requiring more than the recommended dosage it is a good idea to go for a higher strength option.

 The capsules are:

  • Slower to be absorbed
  • Released in the body slowly over time

 The drops are:

  • Quicker to be absorbed
  • Utilised in the body quicker than capsules

Factors affecting strength required

  • Your Body weight

When ingested CBD is stored in your fat cells and released when they are broken down. Individuals with a low percentage of body fat tend to experience the effects of CBD quickly because their fat cells are broken down more quickly than others.

  • Metabolism

Individuals with a fast metabolism will likely not require a higher dosage. Again as fat cells are broken down faster, the CBD is utilised around the body much quicker. All chemical reactions take place at a quicker rate when you have a fast metabolism so the CBD it utilised at a quicker rate.

  • Individual body and brain chemistry

Every single one of us is different and our body chemistry varies significantly therefore we will interact differently with certain supplements. Some of us will know how we respond to other vitamins, minerals, supplements etc so if we know we are sensitive to certain supplements then it may be wise to start off with a low dosage.

Make the most out of your Oil

You can maximise its impact by carefully following the instructions for how to take the oil. When we leave the oil under our tongue for 60-90 second we better absorb the oil into our system. This is due to the mucus membrane under the tongue.  Follow the daily dosage guidelines and if you feel like you need to increase the amount you take then you can consider using a higher strength oil next time.


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