The many types of CBD products

The CBD industry is still in its infant stages but slowly more and more people are beginning to try out CBD in their pursuit of wellbeing, meaning that gradually the stigma linked with CBD is vanishing, which could only be a positive thing right?

Well, with more and more people being eager to try CBD it has lead to more and more businesses trying to infuse CBD into their products and has even persuaded some individuals to create some very wacky CBD products like CBD infused toothpicks or even a CBD infused pillow. So what’s the problem?

Well in order for CBD to be effective for the individuals purchasing it, it needs to be absorbed efficiently into their bodies so products such as toothpicks and pillows will be extremely ineffective as the CBD content will either be too weak to have an effect or will not enter your system in necessary quantities to have a noticeable effect.

This causes two problems; the first is that it leads the public to believe that CBD oil is just another ‘snake oil’ preventing people who could benefit from it from even trying it because they’ve heard its no good. The second problem is that it can obviously have a major impact on the CBD industry. If many people believe CBD does not have a positive impact on wellbeing then word of mouth can lead to a limited pool of individuals wanting to buy CBD.

In time as people learn more about CBD hopefully this problem will disappear. If you are seeking to achieve the benefits associated with CBD the most affective methods for taking CBD are either vaping it or using oils. As there have been a few issues associated with vaping CBD oil lately more people are turning to the oils. Ingesting CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) is an effective way of absorbing it in to the bloodstream whereas in comparison with CBD edibles, they are first absorbed into fatty cells before slowly entering the bloodstream.


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