Will CBD help me fall asleep?

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural supplement, which is derived from the hemp plant and is non psychoactive.
Although the required volume of research available is not sufficient to be able to make medical claims about its benefits, many people in the UK are taking CBD Oil to help improve their mood, sleep and even help them manage pain in some cases.
CBD is believed to interact with our Endocannabinoid systems. The ECS is responsible for regulating numerous bodily functions like mood, pain and sleep and it does this by maintaining homeostasis (a balanced internal environment).

CBD for sleep


CBD for Sleep

CBD is believed to help promote better quality of sleep in a number of ways. Firstly a lot of anecdotal evidence has shown that CBD Oil can help promote feelings of wellbeing and relaxation that helps us get into a more conducive mental state for sleep when taken in the evenings.

Some research has suggested that CBD may naturally influence certain receptors in the brain that affect our ability to use chemicals in the brain responsible for wellbeing and sleep also, which helps us regulate the sleep wake cycle.

Users of CBD frequently report experiencing a deeper sleep and waking up feeling more refreshed than normal. Studies suggest that CBD impacts the REM phase of sleep, may increase amount of sleep time and also the quality of our sleep

 Will CBD make you feel drowsy?

First of all, what’s the difference between drowsiness and sleepiness?

  • Sleepiness is the feeling you feel when you’re ready to get comfy in your bed and go to sleep. It usually doesn’t happen when it’s not around your normal bedtime, and it goes away once you sleep.
  • Drowsiness is when you simply can’t keep your eyes open or concentrate on the tasks in front of you. People who feel drowsy can experience unexpected sleeping spells or overall fatigue throughout the day. However, drowsiness can remain after sleeping too.

CBD for sleep

There is no evidence that it will or won’t. But anecdotal evidence suggests that individuals who have taken CBD Oil do not find it makes them drowsy. 

As CBD Oil can come in varying strengths there may need to be a bit of trial and error in terms of finding out which dosage is right for you and your sleep quality but feelings of grogginess and drowsiness are less frequent with natural products, which is why many are turning to CBD Oil.

Some users tell how they feel they only need to take CBD oil once every other day and still feel the benefits with their sleep. But everyone is different so it’s about finding what works best for you.

Which strength CBD Oil should you buy?

Everyone is different when it comes to CBD. Certain factors relating to the individual will influence how you interact with CBD such as brain chemistry and body weight.

CBD starte pack

One way to find the right strength for you is to purchase a CBD starter pack which allows you to try all three strengths in a quick, easy and affordable manner before you doll out on the real thing.

You can also simply buy a low strength CBD Oil (5%) and gently increase the amount you take until you begin to notice the effects.

Which type of CBD Oil should I buy?

There are three types of CBD oil available currently. They are: 

  • Full spectrum – this is the most commonly bought CBD oil in the UK. It contains under the legal limit of THC (0.2%) as well s the other non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in the plant. This may cause what’s known as the entourage effect, where all the cannabinoids work synergistically to produce a better effect.
  • Broad spectrum – Broad spectrum is CBD oil that has had all of its THC removed or has trace amounts that are barely detectable. It still contains the other non-psychoactive cannabinoids from the plant.
  • Isolate - This will only contain the CBD cannabinoid and may not be as effective.

We recommend full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD Oils as they are more likely to produce the desired level of effects although you can also purchase CBD capsules for a more neutral taste as well as a slow release method to help you feel calmer throughout the day.

More research is required on the effects of CBD before medical claims can be made. But initial research looks promising and the growing number of accounts from CBD users is very positive.

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