Can CBD relieve Psoriasis Symptoms?

Does CBD help treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition charecterised as an inflammatory disease that creates large patches of incredibly itchy skin that looks very red and inflamed.

The severity of psoriasis can vary dramatically and severe cases can have a massive impact on the individual’s quality of living. It’s also a chronic disease that cycles between periods of activity and being dormant.

The root cause is the rate of skin production. Individuals with Psoriasis produce skin at a very fast rate, which can be very painful. Certain environmental triggers like sunburn, a cut or an infection can cause this. Sometimes even drinking alcohol can cause it. So why does this only happen to some and not others?


Using CBD Oil for Psoriasis

CBD Oil has been used to treat Psoriasis for as long as Psoriasis has existed. CBD can actually impact the rate of cellular regeneration but also has anti-inflammatory effects.

The best part is that there are no side effects unless you massively exceed the stated dosage and due to the cyclical nature of Psoriasis, taking CBD Oil would be a great potential treatment as you can take a few drops every day.

CBD for Psoriasis

Which CBD Oil should you use for Psoriasis?

There are different kinds of CBD Oil on the market; CBD Isolate, full spectrum CBD and Broad Spectrum CBD.

CBD Isolate = Nothing more than the CBD cannabinoid.

Full spectrum CBD = Blend of different cannabinoids to encourage the beneficial effects.

Broad Spectrum CBD= Similar to full spectrum the very low level of THC has either been removed or lowered to trace amounts.

Generally, Full spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD are regarded as being the best CBD Oils to buy. Full spectrum contains the legal limit of THC but also the other beneficial cannabinoids that can potentially lead to the entourage effect. Broad spectrum Oils have less or no THC in them but still contain the other cannabinoids which makes it more likely to produce noticeable effects.

You can use any of this three, but you are likely to notice more with a full spectrum or Broad spectrum CBD Oil.

It can be hard to find a CBD Oil you can trust to be exactly what it says it is and sometimes brands will actually put labels on their hemp seed oils that are designed to trick consumers into buying it, thinking that it is CBD Oil. Be careful when choosing a CBD Oil to buy that it is a safe, tested and quality oil. For more guidance read this article on choosing the right CBD Oil.