Diabetes and CBD Oil

Diabetes is an autoimmune disease that can either be inherited or an individual can obtain during their lifetime. It causes high blood sugar levels in the bloodstream due to a problem with the hormone insulin that means the glucose stays in the blood stream.

There are two types of Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes which is when our body can’t produce insulin because the immune system is attacking the cells that produce insulin, whereas Type 2 Diabetes is when your pancreas can not produce enough insulin or your body can no longer use the insulin being produced.

CBD Oil for Diabetes - A recent Five-year study

A five-year study showed that CBD Oil helped treat Diabetes. The study showed that regular use helped lower fasting levels of insulin by 16% and reduced levels of insulin resistance by 17%.

The paper from the AAMC found that CBD oil had these benefits:

  • Stabilising blood sugar levels
  • Arterial anti inflammatory properties
  • Neuroprotective effects which help prevent inflammation of nerves and reduce the pain of neuropathy.
  • Antispasmodic agents help relieve muscle cramps and pain from Gastrointestinal disorders (GI)
  • Acting as a vasodilator to keep blood vessels open and improve circulation
  • Lowering blood pressure (vital for people with Diabetes)
  • Helps calm Restless leg syndrome

CBD helps individuals with Diabetes by indirectly aiding the Endocannabinoid system. The ECS is responsible for maintaining a balanced internal environment (homeostasis).

The ECS is comprised of CB1 and CB2 receptors spread around the body, and recently the CB1 receptors have been linked to insulin production meaning CBD may potentially be able to help treat the root issue.

CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties. Individuals with Diabetes will have much higher levels of inflammation, which further aggravates the issue as chronic inflammation plays a role in the development of insulin resistance.

How to use CBD for Diabetes?

CBD Oil is generally accepted as being the most effective way to receive the benefits of CBD. Everyone is different when it comes to CBD and asking which dosage should I use for Diabetes? The best advice available is to start low and work your way up or you can have a look at buying a CBD Starter Pack

What benefits should I be noticing?

As well as the diabetes specific related benefits mentioned earlier, you should notice that you have more energy. CBD also leads to other benefits to mental wellbeing, sleep and pain perception.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in the UK?

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