The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Looking for a natural way to lower your Anxiety? The active component of green tea, Theanine can help you feel calmer without sapping your motivation or reducing your alertness. Read on to find out why Theanine is such an effective natural solution for treating Anxiety and why it can help stop our daily cups of coffee from making Anxiety worse.

What is Theanine?

Theanine is an amino acid commonly found in tea leaves or small amounts of bay bolete mushrooms. It’s the main constituent of Green tea and the reason that green tea helps us to feel calmer but, at the same time, remaining alert.

What does Theanine do?

It helps us stay alert while at the same time also helps to calm us down—a 2011 study on boys who have ADD. The participants were given Theanine twice a day. The boys that took Theanine had significantly improved sleeping patterns and better quality sleep.

Theanine also decreases the level of glutamate available in the brain, which is responsible for creating an excited and sometimes anxious state. It does this by inhibiting the glutamate receptors, which leads to an increase in the GABA to glutamate ratio in the brain, making you feel relaxed.

Caffeine and Theanine

If green tea contains caffeine, won’t it prevent me from sleeping?

Because Green tea is full of Theanine, it negates the effect of natural caffeine. This is why when we drink green tea, we feel alert but also relaxed, and it’s the reason many companies that sell Nootropics add caffeine and Theanine as ingredients, as they help those looking to focus on their work by increasing alertness and focus while preventing them from becoming stressed or anxious.

Theanine is a very effective anti-oxidant

As Theanine limits the level of glutamate activity, it prevents the build-up of Anxiety. When we feel anxious, we use lots of energy, which means we create more taxation on the brain and, therefore, more oxidation, which is a process that can lead to the production of those nasty free radicals, which can cause many health issues. Thus Theanine helps limit the amount of oxidation taking place in the brain.

Theanine can boost specific brain waves.

Theanine can increase the level of Alpha wave oscillation. Alpha waves are the brain waves we produce when we are awake and feeling focused. When we are working out at the gym, and we are feeling ‘in the zone’ we are typically producing alpha brain waves.

Theanine for anxiety and sleep

When we produce alpha waves, it reduces our sensory abilities are minimised, which means we are less likely to be distracted.

Take Theanine with your coffee.

The journal of nutritional neuroscience found that when participants were given Theanine alongside caffeine, it leads to a noticeable improvement in cognitive awareness, an increase in word recognition (an improvement in short term memory) it also decreased the amount of distraction, which is why Theanine is often used by athletes as it helps them get in the zone quicker.

We recommend adding a cup or two of green tea to your daily routine or just before an essential piece of work to help you focused and limit the amount of stress you experience.

Theanine for anxiety and sleep