A Massage might be the most effective way to improve your mental health

Massage for mental wellbeingIt turns out your mental wellbeing may be at the tips of someone else’s fingers.

Massage For Improving Mental Wellbeing

If you, like the rest of us have been left feeling that lockdown has left you a nervous and erratic version of yourself and feeling stressed to the hilt, then we strongly suggest that you treat yourself to a massage. They aren’t just for getting rid of those annoying knots in your muscles but can actually provide you with some wonderful benefits to your mental wellbeing too.

Proven to leave you feeling significantly happier, less anxious, and more positive, massages are amazing at helping improve mood and cognition. Boosting serotonin levels by nearly 30%. You don’t even need your rub down every day either, as research suggests that a weekly massage for a period of time is enough to generate noticeable improvements to our wellbeing.

Massage for mental wellbeing

Massage to feel calmer

An incredibly effective way to lower your anxiety levels, massage increases serotonin levels by almost 30% which reduces anxiety, and for those of you who are having to manage social anxiety too then, they may be the perfect remedy as they boost oxytocin levels also. This helps improve our levels of empathy, self-esteem, and optimism. The ‘bonding hormone’ as it is also known provides you with a much-needed sense of belonging, stability, and enhanced sociability so include them into your weekly routine and see if you notice a difference around others.

Massage to melt away the stress

Massage can help us to manage our ‘fight or flight’ response, which can sometimes be overactive in many of us and causes unnecessary and prolonged periods of stress through the continuous release of cortisol. Massage can counter this as one study showed that participants reduced their cortisol levels by 53% among subjects that were stressed. Keeping cortisol levels within the normal ranges can help us sleep better, manage our weight effectively, and leave us with more stable energy levels too. 

Massage to boost your brainpower

One study showed that even after a 15-minute chair massage, participant’s brain waves changed in the direction of heightened alertness and actually enabled participants to perform better with math calculations with twice the accuracy and twice the speed.

Massage mental health benefits

Massages to be headache free

By focusing your massage on your neck you can potentially help provide relief from those throbbing headaches we can get from time to time. Massaging the nape of the neck can stimulate the pressure receptors, which can help increase our vagal activity, which diminishes the number of cluster headaches you get. Increasing the activity of the Vagus nerve can also bring with it many other benefits to our wellbeing.

Try incorporating weekly massages into your routine and see what difference it makes to your mental wellbeing.