Things to do during the day that help you sleep better at night.


Better sleep

Having a late evening routine to help you sleep isn't the only way to ensure you get a good night's sleep.

It turns out that bad habits during the day can harm the quality of your sleep too. Leaving you feeling tired and irritable the next day.

Here are Enhance's seven best suggestions for things you can do during the daytime that will help you to get a more restful sleep at night.

  1. Get into an eating routine.

Sounds great, but we don't mean routinely emptying the fridge every day. Eating at regular times during the day helps your body clock stay on track for the 24-hour light/dark cycle. 

Having a properly functioning circadian rhythm is vital for ensuring good quality sleep and a sleep routine.

  1. Spend lots of time in the daylight

Getting lots of natural light is key to wellbeing. Again by keeping our internal body clock functioning at its optimum level, we can get better quality sleep. Let your eyes soak up as much sunlight as possible (without being silly) as the melanopsin in our eyes will enjoy absorbing as much as it can.

  1. Know when to consume water

That's right. You have an optimal water consumption window. If you want to sleep well through the night, then don't drink large volumes of water before bed. Otherwise, you'll be getting up to use the toilet every five minutes.

  1. Coffee timing is critical.

Become a strategic coffee drinker. Our levels of alertness and cortisol naturally begin to rise as soon as we wake. There is, therefore, no need for you to drink a cup of coffee at 10 am, so leave it until lunchtime. 

Conversely, you shouldn't drink coffee too late in the evening either. According to Mathew Walker, the Author of Best Seller 'Why we sleep' it can take time for our body to remove caffeine from our system meaning it will impair sleep quality and leave us feeling like we need to have more coffee in the morning and is the start of a negative cycle.

  1. Exercise

It may be a boring one, but its always going to be an essential part of or sleep routine. It's recommended to try and time your exercise to be during the early evening so that your internal body temperature doesn't increase too much.

Exercise right before bed can leave you feeling stimulated and make it harder to fall asleep.

  1. Have a nap

Having a midday nap doesn't mean you will find it harder to sleep at night. Having a 30-minute nap before 3 pm can be beneficial for helping us to stay alert and give us a performance boost.

  1. Try meditation or yoga.

Incorporating some form of meditation, such as yoga into your day can help you sleep at night. Yoga can benefit us both physically and mentally in ways that can help us sleep.

Less tension in our muscles can help stop our stress feedback loop and signal to our brain; we are feeling relaxed.

Yoga can also lead to a 27% increase in the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter GABA that can help us feel calm and relaxed and contribute to a better night's sleep.